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      Add:No.136 Southin Jiangxi Rd,Shipoqiao Zone, Yuyao,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China, 315400
      Mobile:150 8882 7778


      Business Scope
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      We mainly provide the plastic parts and various kinds of mold. It is fully according to your exact requirements and drawing; then produces and developed special products and no-standard parts according the tooling. Because we have big advantage to support your with a ONE STOP SERVICE, you can be ensured high quality and service from design to product.

      We have senior designers and experienced mold workers, and we also have many advanced equipment to make molds and products.
      So we have a full belief that provides a competitive price, punctual delivery time, high quality molds and products!
      Our main products are:
      1)Auto mold
      2)Drum/cup/basket mold
      3)Household product mold
      4)Kitchen/Bathroom supplies mold
      5)Pipe fitting mold
      6)Digital products mold
      7)Plastic mold
      8)Commodity mold
      Have a great idea but do not know how to manufacture it? Please contact us now to start your prosperous business.