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      Add:No.136 Southin Jiangxi Rd,Shipoqiao Zone, Yuyao,Ningbo,Zhejiang,China, 315400
      Mobile:150 8882 7778


      About us
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      FLD Mould and Plastic Factory is the professional manufacturer and exporter in mold and plastic parts.  And provide mold solution for your most difficult situations.

      FLD professionally produces and sells injection mold, blow mold, stampings and machine parts in carbon steel and stainless steel etc. other material, which are mainly used in Automotive, Tools, Electronics, Toys, Family Appliance, Cosmetics and other industry.  We not only have the capability to offer standard and special mold at lower cost .But also we can work with you to design and engineer the right products for your applications and provide professional suggestion, solution.  This will enable our customers to save time and money and provide the better solution for each customer.
      FLD got ISO/TS16949 certificate in 2008.  Up to now, we have provided hundreds of parts for automotive, constructions, telecommunications, electronics, and etc. related industries with full plastic and metal documentation. We control and execute every part of products process with strict record.
      FLD is the Tier-1 supplier accepted by more and more customers and buyers. We strict control parameters, and dedicated staff, provide high quality statistically controlled.  We can establish a PPM acceptance program to meet your individual needs.  We provide not only mold products, but also our sound service.  
      The performance you expect from us goes beyond supplying mold and plastic products.  So we are not only your supplier and facilitator, but also your difficult problem solver and partner with right system solution and suggestion.  We have abundant and professional molds product knowledge and experience.  The whole staff will make great effort to satisfy your demand .We expect to communicate with you in depth because your demand is our advancement.
      You will find more in FLD Molds. FLD will beat your target. We are preparing right and more solution for you.

      FLD MOULDS, Anything, Anytime!